Save Mayor Kevin Byrne
From The Street

Cairns Mayor Kevin Byrne vows:

“I'll sell 100 tickets for homeless kids
or spend a night on the street myself!”

I think you have the heart to do this.
And I also suspect it will bring the national and possibly international media exposure we need to raise half a million dollars for homeless kids in Cairns.

Hi Kevin,

I'm Andrew Cavanagh, local health writer and I'm hoping you'll support our fundraising health talk for homeless children on February 5th by promising to sell 100 twenty dollar tickets or spend a night on the street yourself.

Here's what it's all about:
For 13 years Street Level Youth Care in Cairns has gone onto the street every night with a food van to feed homeless children. Your wonderful friend Dr Harald Falge started this volunteer service when he saw girls as young as thirteen on the steet prostituting themselves for food.

But it's not enough.

Street Level Youth Care needs to raise half a million dollars to build a refuge for these homeless kids and get them off the street.

So we found a uniuqe way to raise this money.

On February 5th I'm doing a health talk here in Cairns at the Cairns Civic Theatre. Cost of tickets $20 each.

Now I know you can count. We need to sell at least 25,000 tickets to make half a million dollars.

So why would someone buy a ticket to a health talk they'd never attend?

With every ticket I'm giving out a free audio CD of my hilarious diet and lifestyle manual Undersize Me and downloads of over $100-00 worth of audio, free books on weight loss, depression and health reports on sleep.

All for only $20!

So people living in Sydney, London or Colorado can buy an “honorary” ticket for just $20 and get over $100 worth of cutting edge health audio, books and more.

We plan on having yourself and various other politicians, radio announcers and personalities sell 100 tickets or sleep on the street.

And we'll keep a tally to see who's doing the best.

We are approaching outstanding high profile people with a history of being kind and generous with their time to worthwhile causes.

People like you.

So how about it?

Are you game enough to sell 100 tickets or spend a night on the street?

I'll give you a whole pile of email and other tactics to sell 100 tickets and I'm sure you'll come up with some great ideas too.

Keep in mind you can sell the tickets to anyone in the english speaking world and sales will be made through ticketlink in Cairns or the website so you won't have to do anything but send people who want a great health deal.

If I'm not mistaken having a whole town full of media, politicans and high profile businessmen selling tickets or risking a night on the street should also attract national and international media.

But best of all we could get the homeless children in Cairns off the street forever.

Call me on:

phone number (best call times 3pm to 4pm)

Or email me at:
(email) for more details.

Kindest regards,
Andrew Cavanagh

© 2005 Andrew Cavanagh
All rights reserved.