How To Create Your Own Army Of Live Salesmen All Giving The Perfect Pitch Every Time Without Charging You A Cent In Commission Or Wages...

Your Audio Infomercial
Will Sell More Products For Less Cost
Than ANY
Conventional Advertising Method
100% Guaranteed...

If you'd like to use the raw power of audio to sell your prospects and clients on your products and services while you do other work, spend time with your family - even while you sleep - then this is the most important letter you'll ever read.  Here's why...

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From the desk of Michael Senoff
Tuesday, March 7th, 2006

Hi I'm Michael Senoff,

I'm one of America's leading marketing consultants and CEO of - the world's leading free resource of marketing audio, hard to find ads and information for marketing consultants.

I've recorded hundreds of hours of interviews with the world's leading business experts and information marketers including Jay Conrad Levinson, Carl Galetti, Joe Vitale, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Brian Keith Voiles and more...

And if you become one of my carefully selected clients I'm going to interview YOU about your business to create an audio infomercial that will sell your products or your services more effectively than ANY other conventional advertising method.

Let me reveal to you the secrets of using your own audio infomercial to bring a FLOOD of clients and customers to your business...

Did You Know That The
Sound Of Your Voice Makes A Deeper
Connection With Your Prospect
Than Any Other Factor?

And that audio can literally bypass huge areas of your prospect's brain and almost FORCE him to take action now.

It's true.

Look at this picture of your prospect's brain...

audio marketing picture

Very Simplified Descriptions...
1. Visual Processing Area
2. Visual Memories
3. Memory Of Senses (Like Touch)
4. Processing Of Senses
5. Physical Action***
6. Memories Of Physical Action
7. Prefrontal Cortex
8. Sound Processing
9. Memories Of Sound
10.Speech Comprehension
11.Speech Production

See how section 8 - the part of your brain responsible for processing sound - is directly connected to section 5 - the part of your brain that controls physical action.

By using audio in the right way you can get your prospect to do whatever you want.

You can get him to call you for more information, to write a check, to order online and more...

And you can do it more cheaply than you ever thought was possible with your own audio infomercial we create together with my customized audio infomercial recording service.

How does it work?

Nothing Could Be Simpler
Or Easier...

I call you on your ordinary telephone and quiz you about your product or service.

I get you to tell me about the success you've had with your clients...

The unique benefits your product or service provides...

Your experience, background and credentials...

I get you at concert pitch revealing insights and benefits you would never have uncovered by yourself.

And I record it all on audio.

Then I edit it down for you... 

You don't need any technical expertise at all...

You'll Have A Tight
Compelling Sales Presentation That
Doesn't FEEL Like
You're Trying To Sell Anything...

It's just you and me talking on the phone about how your business can help the listener.

The whole process will take less than 90 minutes of your time...

And you can use the audio we create together in a whole host of ways to create new business for yourself...

# 1...You can use your audio infomercial to generate referrals...

You can burn audio CDs and use them to make it dead easy for your existing clients to send you referrals.

All they have to do is offer a "FREE valuable gift of an audio CD" to their friends.

You can even avoid the tiny cost of burning CDs by making your audio infomercial available online as an instant download.

And it gets better...

# 2...You can use your audio infomercial to power your joint ventures...

Just make your "valuable FREE gift audio CD or recording" available as a gift to your joint venture partner's client list.

They look good because they've given a valuable gift to their clients and you get access to a database of PRIME high quality prospects.

And this is just the beginning...

# 3...You can use your audio infomercial to reactivate past clients and prospects...

If you have clients who haven't done business with you for a while or prospects you never converted you can send them a copy of your audio infomercial.

It's inexpensive and some are sure to start buying off you.

For a few dollars you could create a wealth of new business.

Here's something else to think about...

# 4...You can use your audio infomercial to sell NEW products and services to your existing list of clients and customers...

Think about how powerfully and easily you can introduce your existing clients and customers to any new product or service you develop.

You can even do an audio infomercial explaining the benefits of a product or service someone else supplies then release this to your list in exchange for a percentage of the sales created.

And it gets better.

When I interview you on audio it's better than an endorsement.

I ask you all the questions your prospect desperately wants answered.

Because I'm objective I'll be thinking like your prospect does each step of the way and asking the questions they would ask.

And you'll get to answer every one of them.

Imagine this.

Your prospect is all alone in his car or exercising listening to your audio infomercial on CD.

He's a captive audience - no distractions.

And You Get To Make
A FULL Presentation And Answer
Every Possible Objection...

You enter the dialogue in his head connecting deeply with the power of your voice...

Every question he has - I ask it and you answer it.

Every answer he needs before he can take the next step.

It's all there for him.

Can you imagine the MASSIVE increase in sales this super powered method of selling creates?

I'll tell you.

On my site at I've used audio to sell
products ranging from a $97 price tag right up to $15,000 including...

  • Selling over $100,000 worth of Martin Howey's consulting system seminar in less than 6 months.  This training system was sold originally at a $10,000 price tag then the price went up to $15,000...

  • Selling over 200 copies of the Art Hamel business buying system ranging in price from $299 to $599 each.

  • Making over $100,000 in sales of the HMA marketing consultant system at $3,900 a sale...

  • Increasing the sales and value of dozens of other products both new and used you can find at covering a wide range of topics from online marketing to joint ventures and much, much more..

Listen in to just a few of the audio infomercials I've created for clients just like you and you'll immediately see how powerful this selling method can be for your business...


Audio can literally sell anything.

The spoken word is the traditional sales method used successfully for thousands of years.

That's why we say great salesmen have "the gift of the gab".

And remember we'll be talking about your experience in your audio infomercial...

Stories from your experience are usually the easiest to turn into powerful persuasive audio.

That's why radio interviews and talkback radio are so popular.

Also think about the unique advantages of audio over other mediums...

Your Prospects Are
FAR More Likely To Listen To An Audio CD

Or An MP3 Than They Are
To Sit Down And Watch A Video...

And they can listen to your message over and over if it's on audio.

They can listen in the car, while they're exercising or cooking.

Audio is far more versatile than video or a written sales letter.

And thanks to the music industry audio CDs have a high perceived value.

You can sell an audio CD for $20 to $40.

Think about that for a second.

The audio infomercial we record will be PACKED with highly useful, highly targeted information your prospects might actually PAY to hear.

You could make a profit out of generating leads
by selling an audio CD or an online download of your infomercial...

Now I know what you're thinking.

"How much is this going to cost me?"

"How much are you going to charge to record my unique audio infomercial?"

Think about it this way...

How much money would you make if you had an endless stream of new clients from referrals, joint ventures with other businesses and old clients and prospects...?

How Much Money
Would You Make If You Could Increase
Your Current Conversion Rate By 50%, 100%
Or Even 300%...

If you were to hire a copywriter to create a sales letter to sell your product or service you could pay anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 or MORE.

To buy a radio advertising program with any kind of exposure would cost you at least $6,000 a year.

But I'm not going to charge you $10,000.

I'm not even going to charge you $6,000...

For a limited time you can hire me to create your audio infomercial for just $1,997.

And once we're done you can use your audio recording as often as you like.

You can burn it to an audio CD to make referral systems and joint ventures a breeze.

You Can Sell The Audio CD
And Make A Profit
While You're Generating Leads...

Then you'll cash in again when you sell your higher priced products and services.

I'll even give you a download link on my site for a year as a completely FREE bonus so you can make your infomercial available as an online download.

So you don't even need a website to offer a download of your audio.

You can send a download link to your audio infomercial in an ordinary email.

Remember this whole process take less than 90 minutes of your time.

You don't need ANY technical expertise at all.

I do all the hard work interviewing you, recording you and editing the audio to turn it into a finely crafted selling machine.

If You Can Get To
An Ordinary Telephone You Can Have
Your Own Audio Infomercial
In 7 Days Or Less...

But there are a few conditions.

I'm NOT desperate for business and I won't record interviews with just anybody.

You don't have to be famous or high profile like so many of the marketing gurus I've interviewed in the past...

But you do have to have an honest business centered around providing a high quality product or service and delivering on the promises you make.

I'm not interested in creating infomercials for sellers of porn, scam artists or fly-by-nighters...

Also you must have a product or service that's worth selling.

I won't waste my time and your money trying to sell something that could never make a profit.

Because I'm so selective and I know many applicants won't qualify for this $1,997 audio infomercial service I have a special gift for you.

For A Limited Time
If You Call Me Or Email Me I'll GIVE You
A 15 Minute Telephone Consultation
Completely FREE...

I'll help you find the host of ways you could use audio in your business to increase your profits.

And I'll tell you if your business qualifies for my exclusive audio infomercial service.

I normally charge $700 an hour for consulting so this completely FREE 15 minute audio consultation is a valuable gift worth $175.

But this offer will only be available while I have the time free for a few more carefully selected clients.

I'd hate to see you miss out.

Claim your FREE, no obligation consultation right now by calling me toll free..

Michael Senoff on 858-274-7851

Or email me at

P.S. If you act right now I have one final gift for you.  

After we've recorded your audio infomercial I'll give you several FREE marketing lessons to help you capitalize fully on its selling potential.

I'll show you how to get thousands of prospects listening to your audio for mere pennies using PROVEN methods I've discovered over the years.

And I'll reveal to you a GOLDMINE of techniques you can use to take maximum advantage of this amazing marketing tool.

But you must act now because my time is limited and you must qualify for this customized service.

Call me on 858-274-7851 or email me at right now to claim your free 15 minute telephone consultation.