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From the desk of Michael Senoff
Sunday, March 5th, 2006

Hi I'm Michael Senoff,

I'm one of America's leading marketing consultants and CEO of - the world's leading free resource of marketing audio, hard to find ads and information for marketing consultants.

With a combination of online and offline strategies I've sold products ranging from a $97 price tag right up to $15,000 including...

  • Selling over $100,000 worth of Martin Howey's consulting system seminar in less than 6 months.  This training system was sold originally at a $10,000 price tag then the price went up to $15,000...

  • Selling over 200 copies of the Art Hamel business buying system ranging in price from $299 to $599 each.

  • Making over $100,000 in sales of the HMA marketing consultant system at $3,900 a sale...

  • Increasing the sales and value of dozens of other products both new and used you can find at covering a wide range of topics from online marketing to joint ventures and much, much more...

Before creating I had businesses in retail, wholesale and manufacturing.

I also worked for many years as a salesman in many different fields.

I've learned the hard way the secrets of finding and marketing to new prospects.

And I'm going to share my top 10 secrets you can use to create a FLOOD of high paying clients and customers right here in this report.

I'm also going to reveal my biggest secret weapon I use every day to sell to my new prospects on auto pilot...

What Is This Auto Pilot 'Secret Weapon'
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Prospects Ready To
Pay Me Up To $15,000 Each...?

I'll tell you exactly what my secret weapon is and how you can use it in your business but first let me explain a few of the marketing secrets you need to know to create your flood of new clients and customers...

Secret # 1...Position Yourself As An Expert With A Solution To Your Prospect's 'Unique' Problem...

The greatest secret to turning your prospects into paying clients is to position yourself in the right way to begin with.

Regardless of what you're selling or what business you're in you want to be seen as a trusted advisor.

You want each of your prospects to see you as an expert who has the information or the solution he needs to solve his 'unique' problem.

There's HUGE money in being positioned this way as I'll explain in....

Secret # 2...Effectively Describe Your Unique Selling Proposition Or USP...

Usually most of your best prospects will be suffering from the same 'unique' problem.

If you identify that 'unique problem' and you provide a unique solution then you can charge far more money.

You can always charge more for a specific solution to a problem.

Let me give you an example.

You might only pay three or four bucks for a tube of toothpaste but you'll pay $100 to $500 or more to the dentist who gets rid of that God-awful ache in your molar.

Think about your business.

What is it you do that no one else does what is it that's unique?

How do you solve your clients unique problems?

Do your best, most profitable clients fall into a particular category?

Are they mainly in one kind of business or profession.

Often just looking at your list of past clients can reveal a GOLDMINE of new prospects.

That leads us to...

Secret # 3...Target Your BEST Prospects...

Once you've worked out how your service is unique and the kinds of clients who would benefit the most you can target those perfect clients.

Why spray your marketing message everywhere when you can target a tiny group of prospects where you can make real profits?

You can invest the time and effort to repeatedly market to a well defined list of highly targeted prospects.

The most effective, inobtrusive way to market to your prospect list is...

Secret # 4...Educate Your Prospects...

Your prospects don't know the unique benefits of doing business with you. 

When you take the time and educate in detail about how you can help your prospect solve his problem and why your product or service will solve that problem better, cheaper or faster than anything else on the market you create a loyal client.

Now doing this one-on-one is inefficient.

As far as possible you should try to automate the process.

Later on in this report I'm going to share with you the simplest way I know to put your process of prospect education on auto-pilot.

But first let's talk about the kind of information you should share with your clients...

Secret # 5...Enter The Dialogue In Your Prospect's Head...

When you're educating your prospect about your unique product or service you need to meet him where he's at.

In selling we often forget that our prospects don't know what we do!

If they did they'd be using your product or service now.

So you need to enter the dialogue going on in your prospect's head.

You need to answer the questions your prospect has as they come up.

But there's a huge problem here.

It's very hard to be objective about your own product or service - to really think like your prospect does.

Fortunately there's a simple solution to this.

Just get someone to interview you and ask you all the questions your prospect would ask.

Try to sell them your product and service just like you would to a prospect.

This will give you a chance to answer ALL the questions your prospect has that it might take you months or years to discover.

You could even record the interview on audio as a super-powerful sales aid.

More on this later.

First lets talk about...

Secret # 6...Create Referral Systems...

Referral systems are one of the lowest cost methods I know of to generate a steady stream of new clients and customers.

New clients you get from referrals are usually higher quality, they already have some idea what to expect because they've been pre-educated by your existing clients.

Most important of all you don't have to spend a lot of money (or any money) to ask for referrals.

The most important key to any effective referral system is to make it outrageously easy for your clients, friends and business associates to send you business.

You want to make them look good - as if they're doing someone a great favour by sending them to you.

One of the simplest ways I know of to do this is to supply a free gift they can give.

I'll cover a really powerful way to do this shortly but first let me show you a list you have right now of some of the best prospects you'll ever find...

Secret # 7...Reactivate Past Clients And Prospects...

Many of the clients you've done business with in the past will start doing business with you again if you just contact them.

In the same way many of the people who've approached you in the past will use your service or buy your product if you just approach them.

But to make this process more pleasant and avoid cold calling I suggest an automated system that will contact these past clients and prospects and make them line up to do business with you.

My favourite method is a special kind of free gift which I'll reveal later in this report.

But before I get to that let me tell you about one of the most powerful low cost methods you can use immediately to create new clients and customeres overnight...

Secret # 8...Use 'Joint Ventures' To Create More Business With NO Risk...

The world is FILLED with non-competitive but related businesses who can send you clients in return for a percentage of the business created or in return for you recommending their business to your clients.

You can literally have access to the whole database of clients other businesses have built trust and credibility with over many years.

They've already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars - even millions of dollars on finding these clients and servicing them.

They've done
all the hard work...

And just one simple recommendation sent to their client or customer list and a very high percentage of these excellent prospects will do business with you.

The question is how do you approach this list so that it doesn't look like a sales pitch?

How do you make the business recommending you look like their giving a gift to their clients?

How do you get the clients of that business begging to buy your product or service.

I'm going to share my secret weapon that can do all that and MORE in just one minute but first let's take a look at...

Secret # 9...Use The Internet To Sell And Generate New Prospects...

If you've visited then you know I generate huge business online.

l also use my website to educate my prospects on why they should buy the products and services I have available.

And regardless of the business you're in you should be doing the same.

The internet is a GOLDMINE of prospects if you just learn to use the simple tools and technology you have available to you.

Which leads us to...

Secret # 10...Make It Easy For Your Prospects To Learn About Why They Should Do Business With You...

Your prospects may not read a full report no matter how relevant it is to them.

And NOBODY has a keen and pressing desire to sit down for 30-60 minutes with a salesman!

So how do you get a full explanation of your product or service to your prospect?

How can you get your prospect alone for that full half hour or hour you need to explain to them one-on-one how your product or service can change their lives?

The simple answer is audio.

If your prospects drive to work
there's a HUGE opportunity for you to get
time with them alone...

Imagine your prospects listening to you being interviewed about your business and how it can help them...

While they're alone in the car.

No real work distractions.

Time to think and concentrate on your sales message and how it can help them.

And your prospects don't have to be in a car to listen in.

They can be cooking, working or exercising with the CD player going with your sales message.

Audio doesn't require a huge committment to listen to but it communicates VERY effectively to your prospects brain on many different rational and emotional levels.

In fact the part of your brain that processes sound is very large and is connected to nearly every other part of your brain as you can see from the picture below.

Areas 8 and 9 are used for processing sound and for the "storage" of memories associated to sound...

audio marketing picture

Very Simplified Descriptions...
1. Visual Processing Area
2. Visual Memories
3. Memory Of Senses (Like Touch)
4. Processing Of Senses
5. Physical Action***
6. Memories Of Physical Action
7. Prefrontal Cortex
8. Sound Processing
9. Memories Of Sound
10.Speech Comprehension
11.Speech Production

More important the part of your brain that processes sound is directly connected to the section of your brain that you use to take physical action (area 5 in the picture).

Let me put this in simple language.

You can use an audio message to get your prospects to take action.

You can use that message to get them to pick up the phone and call you, to email you, or to write a check.

And that leads us to my secret weapon...

Most Of The Sales
I Now Make In My Business
- Online And Offline - Are Created With
What I Call "Audio Infomercials"...

Put simply I interview an expert on the unique benefits of his product or service.

I ask all the questions your prospect might ask.

I get every piece of essential information your prospects need to make an informed buying decision.

And I make these audio recordings available as a free download from my website and give away them away as audio CDs completely free.

Why would people listen to the recordings?

Because they're packed with highly useful, highly targeted information that can help them solve their unique problems.

And when they're finished listening to the audio they know the next step is to buy my product or service...

Without lifting a finger
HUNDREDS of highly qualified prospects
are listening to my perfect sales pitch
for a whole range
of products and services...

And they're buying.

I make a very good living using this system that literally runs without me on auto pilot.

Wouldn't you like a system like that for your business?

But it gets better.

You can use the audio CDs and online downloads of your audio infomercial to create business in a PILE of other ways.

Let me explain...

# 1 You Can Use Your Audio Infomercial To Create Referral Systems...

Remember when I interview you on audio you'll create a recording that's packed with highly useful, highly targeted information.

Imagine this.

You say to your clients:
"I could spend a fortune on advertising but I'd rather spend my money improving the products and the service I provide.

So I've found the best clients I have are referred to me
by my special preferred clients like you.

And to make it really easy for you to recommend me I've put together a special gift you can give to the people you know who might benefit from my service and audio CD with "The Insider Secrets To..."

And here's another way you can use this referral system and slash your costs...

# 2 You Can Use Your Audio Infomercial On The Internet...

You can provide your audio infomercial as an online download or streaming audio or both.

Then you can send an email along the same lines to your clients suggesting they send their friends to take a listen to the free audio.

This kind of "viral" marketing can be very effective with your clients and prospects telling even more prospects in an endless, exponential chain.

You can also add your audio infomercial to your website so your visitors can hear your voice live.

You can make the perfect sales presentation to your prospects while you're working, spending time with the family even while you're sleeping!

And there's more...

# 3...You Can Use Your Audio Infomercial To Reactivate Past Clients And Prospects...

This is so simple it should be illegal...

You just send an audio CD or an offer of a valuable audio CD to your past, inactive clients and prospects.

The CD does the selling for you.

You'll be astonished at how many of those past clients start doing business with you again and how many of the prospects you never converted start doing business with you for the first time.

And if you have their emails you can even send them a download link to the audio online.

The biggest secret to using this method
is to give your
audio recording value...

Promote it as a $28 CD or recording and give it a sexy title.

Remember it will be PACKED with useful, targeted information for your prospects so it really will be worth that to them.

If you want to you could even get your prospects to PAY for the audio CD.

That way your marketing campaign pays for itself!

Giving your audio recording a high perceived value also has another advantage.

It makes it very easy to set up joint ventures...

# 4...You Can Use Your Audio Infomercial To Make Joint Ventures A Breeze...

Having your own audio recording makes it easy for other businesses to recommend you and look good at the same time.

They simply offer their best clients a copy of your valuable audio CD or an online download of the recording.

They're seen as the "good guys" for arranging a valuable gift AND they get a percentage of the profits created when their clients buy from you.

You get access to their best clients without any hard sell.

Their interested clients will approach YOU after hearing your audio recording.

And I'm just scraping the surface here.

You can use your audio infomercial in a whole variety of ways to power up your prospecting and marketing process.

To see if you qualify to have me interview you just like I've interviewed Jay Conrad Levinson, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Joe Vitale and others call me toll free...

Michael Senoff on 858-274-7851

You can also email me at

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