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Hi I'm Mike Pedersen - the world's leading golf fitness trainer - and my new Easy Starter Ultimate Golf Fitness Video is like having me on call in your living room twenty four hours a day, seven days a week to show you exactly how to slash strokes off your game and power boost your drives by up to 20 yards – often within a few days.

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A few weeks ago Andrew, a close friend of mine, shared this story with me.

Andrew was out on the golf course when he saw a young ten year old beginner making drive after drive with near perfect technique.

The strokes were just so sweet you'd swear you were watching Tiger Woods. The more he thought about it the more he realized the resemblance to a Tiger Woods drive was really uncanny.

This ten year old kid got Andrew's curiosity up so he went and spoke to his father – a non golfer.

You Won't
Believe What He Discovered...

This 10 year old boy had always showed an interest in golf so his grandmother had bought him a golf instruction DVD featuring Tiger Woods. To cut a long story short his son watched that video about twenty or thirty times – and copied every stroke swinging away with his club in front of the TV.

Can you believe this ten year old boy learned a near perfect golf swing simply by watching and copying Tiger Woods on video?

If you've played a lot of golf you know it's true because you've seen those kids on the fairways and the driving ranges just a few weeks into playing the game and their stroke technique is exquisite.

How can this be possible? How can you learn and improve so fast simply by watching and copying.

I'll let you in on the secret. The quickest way to learn any physical movement is to “mimic” someone doing that movement perfectly.

What does this have to do with golf fitness?

I have a brand new way you can power up your golf game and take advantage of this simple secret with my new, simple to follow Easy Starter Ultimate Golf Fitness Video.

You'll learn all my proven methods of increasing the power and accuracy of your drives, the stability and cleanness of your strokes – all created with simple, cutting edge improvements in your golf fitness.

This New Video Will Show You The Basics
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No straining and sweating. This basic program is simple enough for you to start today and explode your golf game into a whole new level.

I'll take you step by step through every exercise, every stretch – showing you exactly how to perform each movement without over-exerting, without injury. You'll start at your own level just following along with the Video and you'll see results in your golf game immediately.

Results like these:

  • Adding 20 yards or more to your drives – I'll demonstrate for you the “core strength” secrets to adding incredible power and stability to your drives and all your strokes.

    Not only will these fitness exercises increase the length of your drives you'll also see a whole range of easy to perform exercises and stretches you can use immediately to virtually eliminate hooks and slices and slash up to 7 strokes from your game - almost overnight!

    If achieving astonishing results in your golf game with just a few days of following a simple, no strain stretching and exercise program sounds far fetched read what Luke Bennet from Michigan has to say...

    “Mike, I started using your tips and techniques and all I can say is WOW!! I usually hit the ball long but After Just Two Days I Out Drove My Buddy By 25 Yards!

    And Bruce Neerhof from Wisconsin...

    “Since I started your strength and flexibility program, My Drive Has Gone From 230 To 250 Yards And My Irons Have Gained Ten Yards In Distance.

Now You Can Learn
These Underground Golf Fitness Secrets
- Hard Won Results Of Over Nine Years Of Training Expertise -
By Just Following Along With My Video At Your Own Pace

Nothing Could Be Simpler Or Easier...

  • Eliminate your back pain – watch as I demonstrate my underground exercises and stretches to build back strength and flexibility. Imagine breezing through eighteen holes without the constant annoyance of a sore back.

  • Create rock solid balance when you drive. I'll show you step by step how to perform this secret exercise to avoid those hooks and slices that send your ball flying wildly into the rough, the sand traps and water hazards.

Imagine that ball sailing down the fairway stroke after stroke...

  • Unlock your shoulders to give your stokes maximum shoulder turn for maximum power. An easy exercise I'll show you that'll take you mere seconds and open up your shoulders in a way you never realized was possible.

    And you'll start dropping those stokes off your golf game and even pounds off your body like Orlando Imai from Texas...

    “Since I started about a month ago I've lost about 10 pounds, I'm more flexible and most importantly I've shaved 3-5 shots off my game already.”

Just Follow Along With Your
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You won't find any fluff, or any frills in your Easy Starter Ultimate Golf Fitness Video. Just hard core plain simple underground golf fitness secrets you can start using today to slash strokes from your game, add power to your drives and a spring to your step.

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But with your Easy Starter Ultimate Golf Fitness Video any time you want a refresher I'll be ready and waiting to demonstrate every one of my revolutionary, golf specific stretches and exercises.

You can even save time and simply skip to the exercise you want to review right now.

It's like having me on call twenty four hours a day seven days a week in your living room ready to show you exactly how to perform every exercise flawlessly – having me whispering the Ultimate Golf Fitness Secrets in your ear any time and every time it suits you.

I could easily charge $100 for this cutting edge underground video and at that price it would be a bargain when you compare it to the $250 to $1,000 it would cost for a first class golf fitness trainer to teach you these cutting edge golf fitness exercises.

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