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Special Breaking News Report
By Michel Fortin and Sylvie Charrier
Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Hi I'm Michel Fortin,

For years I've been the "secret weapon" behind the greatest online marketers alive like Frank Kern, Shawn Casey, Armand Morin, Yanik Silver, Kirt Christensen, Simon Grabowski and many, many others.

One sales page I wrote for internet marketing genius John Reese brought in over 1 MILLION dollars in sales in under 48 hours.

Being an internet insider I've seen and tried just about every "new", "secret", "revolutionary" piece of internet marketing software you can imagine (and quite a few you could never imagine.)

But I'm thrilled almost beyond words about a stunning breakthrough technology I've helped develop that you can have up and running on your website just minutes from now...

Let me tell you about the woman who's worked with me to develop a software program that can literally revolutionize the way you do business online and create an EXPLOSION
of profits from your website content...

One chilly fall afternoon in 2002 I was just about to deliver a seminar on Internet copywriting in my hometown of Ottawa, Canada, when I swear my heart stopped...

She walked into the room...

Our gazes crossed for the first time.

And that fleeting moment became the pivotal beginning of what would later become the most powerful "wedding" in the history of Internet marketing — one that's about to take place a whole three years later... to the week!

Best of all, I'm inviting you to the wedding. (Hold on, it's not what you think.)

Instead of wine, cake and a hangover in the morning this wedding will leave you with an automated profit producing machine on all your websites the likes of which the internet has never been seen before.

The wonderful woman who walked into the seminar room on that fall day over three years ago... is now my fiancée, Sylvie Charrier of

If you don't know Sylvie, her company provides outsourcing management to a lot of big name internet marketers too - from setting up Google AdWords campaigns and ghostwriting content, to designing websites and handling customer support. (And everything in between!)

Like me Sylvie is another one of the internet marketers "secret weapons".

Together Sylvie and I accidentally stumbled onto an idea that led to the creation of a revolutionary tool...

An idea that perfectly "marries" two income-boosting Internet marketing concepts...

"The Power Of Pay-Per-Click Ads With
The Profit Potential Of Affiliate Programs!"

Can you imagine having over 10,000 of your own highly targeted niche products - all proven sellers complete with professional, tested sales letters...

Imagine if you had every one of these products set up to sell completely on auto pilot with back up, support - EVERYTHING set up to run like a well oiled automatic selling and service machine...

Making you 30% to 75% NET profit from EVERY sale without an ounce of effort on your part.

And imagine sitting at your computer and in just a few minutes being able to "marry" the highly targeted content on one of your websites to any one of these 10,000 highly targeted products.

If you can type, copy and paste in just a few minutes you can turn this this fantastic dream into a fantastic reality and turn your website content into an auto pilot, cash producing machine...

"This Is A Marriage
Made In Cash Flow Heaven..."

And it gets better...

You don't even need your own personal website content.

You can use this astonishing breakthrough software to make real cash profits from public domain content, ezines, blogs, forums, articles, transcripts, autoresponders, podcasts, even ebooks you have master resale rights for...

Let me explain how it works...

I'm sure you've heard of pay per click advertising, Google AdWords and Google AdSense.

Let me tell you up front this program does NOT rely on any of these advertising systems to make you profits.

But understanding the power of pay per click advertising can help you understand how this system is MANY times more powerful.

You can run Google Adwords or Google AdSense on your high content sites and Google will pay you every time someone clicks on those ads.

Google knows that the closer your ads look to the highly targeted content on a web page the more likely prospects are to click on them.

By having content that attracts highly competitive keywords some website owners have made enormous profits from this system.

Like our friend leading pay per click guru Joel Comm who publicly revealed...

"I Made Over $25,000 In One Month,
And Always Make No Less Than $10,000
A Month With Google AdSense Alone!"

Would you believe some savvy bidders are paying up to $50 a click for highly competitive search terms!

Now really think about that...

The reason they can bid so much is because they're selling products or services that make them even more profit than the massive cost they're paying per click.

Often many times the profit.

Sure you can make money hosting these click through ads on your site but imagine how much MORE money you'd make if you were getting a piece of the product sales!

But creating your own products can be a hit and miss affair at best...

You expend a tremendous level of effort into research and development.

You sweat blood trying to create something of real value for your buyers.

All that effort and you have NO profit guarantees...

Based on our combined years of experience we estimate around 7 out of 10 products released on the internet produce poorly or fail completely online...

"And Creating
Your Product Is Just
The Beginning..."

You'll need a sales page that really sells and that can set you back a few thousand bucks or a few years learning how to write great copy.

Once you have a product and a sales page you STILL have to find a way of getting targeted prospects to your sales page.

Like creating targeted quality content on your websites to attract potential prospects.

And it gets worse!

You still have to handle the sales, follow up service, customer complaints, refunds and more...

That's why so many leading internet marketers focus on selling other people's products - affiliate sales.

As you probably know you make affiliate profits when someone you refer buys a product off an affiliate site like Clickbank or

Affiliate commissions on these sites range from $1 per sales to as high as $50, even $300 or MORE.

Another friend of mine, Jeff Johnson, generated $454,096.78 in affiliate sales in his first three months. Yes, just!

And you'll FLIP when you hear the amazing story of Michael Murray.

He's a physically disabled teenager stricken with cerebral palsy and barely out of college...

"Michael Earns Anywhere From
$2,000 To $17,000 Every Month
In Affiliate Sales
— WITHOUT A Product Of His Own..."

You can make GREAT profits in affiliate sales.

But choosing the right profit-making HOT affiliate product can be time consuming hard work.

We wanted to create something truly revolutionary to give you more time and many times more money.

So Sylvie and I began thinking: "What if we could marry these two popular forms of money-making activities online?..."

"What if we could combine the power of pay-per-click ads and the most profitable HOTTEST affiliate programs on the internet?..."

"And what if we took it to a whole new level and did it in a way that requires no effort and no physical selling?..."

Together we created a breakthrough technology in online marketing that uses the pay per click concept to turn every content page you have into a super affiliate powerhouse...

And it does so much more as you'll see...

We Call It ContextCASH™


Here's one of my content
sites before I added


After pasting a snippet of
code, keywords found are
magically transformed into
affiliate links.


When a visitor clicks on the
links, they're redirected to
affiliate pages.

It's like "Google AdSense" and "Clickbank"
on steroids!

(Just so you know - we have no affiliation with Google or Clickbank).

Simply put, ContextCASH is a dynamic linking tool that creates affiliate links within the content on your site.

However, these are not ads or promotional links.

The keywords or keyphrases within any web page you publish are automatically converted into links for you — without any extra effort on your part!...

You can choose either the program's automatically generated choice of SUPER HOT keywords or specify the keywords you want.

ContextCASH selectively turns hot keywords in your content into affiliate links INSTANTLY when users visit your website.

You can use this revolutionary program on a content site, a blog, a forum, a site that publishes public domain materials, RSS-fed content, an article archive, you name it!...

The affiliate links your ContextCASH program creates are already embedded with your Clickbank ID, Amazon ID or any other affiliate link from any program you choose.

When your website visitor clicks on a link, they're redirected to the sales page of the related affilate product.

And if they buy, you earn a commission!

Better still it's a piece of cake to use this program...

ContextCASH doesn't require any kind of special skill or programming at all.

Just cut and paste a tiny snippet of code and add it to your web pages and in minutes you can create cash profits
from your web content on auto pilot.

Even more important if you're worried about your Google rankings and search engine optimization...

ContextCASH doesn't change the HTML code, insert "link tags" or modify your web page content.

The links are generated "dynamically" on the fly once the page is loaded into your visitor's browser.

So the HTML isn't affected on your website in any way.

The SEO work you've done on your website is perfectly safe using this fantastic, carefully designed program.

And if you're worrried about all those links going to affiliate sales pages and messing up your search engine rankings with a pile of outbound links...

Because ContextCASH creates your links dynamically in your website visitor's browser search engine spiders never see them.

That means they don't count as outbound links with the search engines.

Again your search engine rankings are safe.

In fact if you have outbound affiliate links now and you use the ContextCASH system as an alternative method to create those links which could increase your search engine rankings!

But there's more...

"ContextCASH Converts
Existing Content Into "Stealth Ads"
Without Adding Or
Modifying The Content..."

Your visitors are FAR more likely to click on links that are part of your content than they are to click on a blatant ad (like Google Adwords or a pop up).

Best of all, the links open up new browser windows so people are never taken away from your website.

You can even combine ContextCASH with most PPC ads on the same website. This won't violate Google's strict AdSense policy because they are text-based affiliate links.

We went out of our way to have lengthy private discussions with Google's team on this, so we know you can cash in with pay per click ads on the same page as ContextCASH's super affiliate links.

If you already run Google Adwords or similar programs you can use ContextCASH as well and multiply your click through profits!

Now, here's the kicker...

ContextCASH not only can be used to dynamically generate and automatically insert affiliate links into your content, but if you have a product selling online right now...

...ContextCASH Can Also Be Used To
Promote And Sell Your Own Products!

That's right. ContextCASH can be used with any links and any keywords you choose.

Whether it's a product you're promoting or one you're selling, it doesn't matter.

You can transform any content-based website into your own personlized sales machine.

You can customize your links in any way you want.

You have complete control!

And it gets better...

"ContextCASH Gives You
Complete Statistics On Which
Of Your Keywords Are Getting The
Highest Clickthrough Rates..."

This amazing program tracks it all and gives you up to the minute reports on the performance of your keywords and links.

Your full one screen bar chart dislplays the results for today, yesterday, the last seven days and the past month - all on one single page.

At a glance you can see the real world results you're getting from the links on your website...

Now hold on to your seats, because here's the real treat...

Over time, we're also going to be adding affiliate programs from ContextCASH preferred members themselves!

That last one is a doozy, so let me backup a little.

You might be wondering why I said "preferred?"

Because, if you're one of the first ones to enroll, we will feature a list of the most popular and hottest-converting affiliate programs out there. But more important, we will also suggest YOUR products and affiliate programs to other ContextCASH members! That's right.

ContextCASH Will Showcase Your
Affiliate Program To Other Members!

Whether it's your affiliate program for a product you own, a product you're selling through Clickbank or a product for which you're the 1st-tier affiliate (so that other members can join and promote under you, and you get a commission for their sales), it's up to you!

Just to give you an example, we already have 1,800 subscribers waiting for this product on our special notification list. But we can only offer this if you're in the first group of 200-300 members who actually enroll.

Why? Because of three important reasons:

  1. We will feature only those affiliate programs used in ContextCASH that we know, through the statistical reports the software produces, are pulling the best. That way, we only provide to our members the chance to promote those products that have the likeliest chances of producing sales — and therefore, the best commissions!

  2. As sales change and fluctuate, we will constantly update the list to reflect the best programs at all times. (Or as often as we possibly can.) We don't want to inundate our members with tons of affiliate products that will leave them scratching their heads.

  3. And above all, our servers can only take so much. We want to test the new features on only a handful of people and products so we can gather proper statistics and bug reports if any — too many members would make our heads spin!

We're also adding new features to ContextCASH all the time. If you're one of our first group of members to enroll you'll get "first-crack" privilege at these new, powerful features.

Oh, and there's a 4th reason.

We want to reward you for your quick response. It's our "thank you" gift to you for joining right away.
In a few mintues I'm going to show you exactly how you can claim your ContextCASH 60 day risk free trial and why you must act NOW but before I do let me explain exactly how easy this software is to use...

How To Use Your ContextCASH
Dynamic Link Generation System...

Setting up your websites to turn your content into a steady income stream requires just 3 simple steps...

Step # 1 - Log in...
To ensure you have the most up to date HOT keywords and affiliate product lists your ContextCASH program is hosted online.

Your first step is to log into your online account. Here's a screenshot of the webpage...

Step # 2 - Set Any custom Settings You Want...
The code ContextCASH creates will automatically match keywords on your site to HOT affiliate product links.

All the work is done for you!

Or you can custom design your links any way you like - you're in complete control.

You can use the keywords offered, enter your own or import your own lists of keywords and products in bulk in one step.

Add links to your own products, choose the affiliate products you want to promote, choose your own keywords, change the look and feel of your links - change the thickness, the color - it's all at your fingertips...

Or you can just let ContextCASH use it's powerful database to choose the best keywords and the hottest selling products for you...your most powerful cash generating links on auto pilot!

Step # 3 - Copy And Paste Your Code...
Once you've made your choices (or let ContextCASH make them for you) with the press of a button you'll get a small piece of code you copy and paste into your web pages.

If you have a lot of websites you can add the code to your master templates that create your content sites (such as a blog template), or use any simple search-and-replace program to do it all in a snap.

It's as simple as that.

And to make this process even easier literally as I write this we're working on adding an advanced feature that will enable you to insert the code directly - without any manual cutting and pasting at all!

If you can copy and paste you can use ContextCASH to turn your website content into a steady stream of cold hard profits!

Now I know what you're thinking...

Breakthrough software this fantastic has to be worth tens thousands of dollars and would only be available to the internet marketing elite.

I can tell you now you're going to be thrilled with the price but if you're slow your chance to subscibe could be gone FOREVER...

Click here to claim your subscription to ContextCASH now...

How Much Will It Cost?

First this system can't be completely automated.

ContextCASH saves you guesswork by pulling the most popular — and most profitable! — products based on actual sales and popularity reports.

This sends your traffic to links for red-hot products...

So you always get the best ads with the highest chances of converting into sales.

We actually have to pay a staff member — her name is Sarah — to continually survey the marketplace, "pull" proven-to-sell products and update the database regularly.

We also have to pay the server costs required to keep load times and processing on your websites as fast as possible...

If you tried to create your own ContextCASH first you'd have to pay for developing the software.

Then you'd have to hire your own employee like Sarah to continually survey the marketplace or spend hours doing this laborious chore yourself.

You'd be very lucky if you had much change left from $20,000 and remember you have to keep paying Sarah week in and week out.

But we're not going to charge you $20,000.

We're not even going to charge you $1,000.

If you subscribe to the ContextCASH service right now you can claim the never to be repeated mind boggling bargain of just $97...

Then you pay $37 for each subsequent month for as long as you choose to remain active.

You have NO long-term commitments

You can cancel anytime.

Think about it...$37 a month is peanuts...

Just one modest Clickbank sale a month, and the software pays for itself.

And to top it all off, you can try it risk-free...

"Try ContextCASH™ Risk-Free For 60 Days"

We're so confident you'll be thrilled with the proifts you'll make with your ContextCASH™ Dynamic Affiliate Ad Link Optimizer we're giving you a 60 day risk free trial.

Automatically transform any website into an instant sales machine, and discover for yourself the awesome power of monetizing your content starting in just minutes.

If you decide it's not for you, simply cancel your subscription within the first 60 days and we'll promptly refund your enrollment fees. No questions, no hassles.

Click here to claim your subscription to ContextCASH now...

Why are we willing to put our own money on the line to give you this amazing risk free offer?

We know you'll be so thrilled with your cash profits from ContextCASH you'll be with us for a long, long time.

And to make this whole deal a real no-brainer for you...

If You Enroll NOW
You'll Get These Five Extra Bonuses...

Bonus #1: ClickAdsPro™ Lite With Resale Rights

If ContextCASH adds links within your content, what about ads that look like Google AdSense promoting Clickbank products with your affiliate links? Well, now you can!

If you aren't using Google AdSense and would like to add a new way to have automatic "AdSense-looking" ads promoting Clickbank products on your sites, then you're going to be happy to learn that we've secured the right to give you a copy of ClickAdsPro Lite.

You're going to be amazed at how simple it is to increase your Clickbank product sales, automatically, with a quick installation of this very special tool.

Bonus #2: Spinning Popups™ With Resale Rights

Recent test results show that pop-ups with the highest response are animated ones. Whether they drop in, slide in, bounce up and down, rotate and of course, spin, these types of pop-ups get a lot more attention than standard ones.

Now you can instantly create amazing spinning popups with Spinning Popup Generator! This amazing, new breakthrough type of DHTML popup actually comes out of nowhere from your web page and spins its way into view over the page. You can't miss it.

Plus, your bonus also comes with full master resale rights!

Bonus #3: InfoGoGetter With Resale And/Or Giveaway Rights

InfoGoGetter is a free software program designed for members. It simplifies the process of searching, extracting and formatting the private label articles from InfoGoRound, and pasting them into your pre-designed template.

Best of all, the first group of ContextCASH members get InfoGoGetter completely free. You may distribute it to your list, use it as a bonus or incentive, or even sell it if you wish.

If you are not yet a member of InfoGoRound, don't worry. After you join, we immediately show you how to join InfoGoRound to get tons of free, rebrandable content each month you can monetize with ContextCASH and AdSense.

Using InfoGoGetter with customized templates and InfoGoRound, you can add tons of ghostwritten content to your sites each month, all monetized to the max!

Bonus #4: AdSense Logger With Giveaway Rights

This fantastic tool called Adsense Logger adds to your money-making toolbox by allowing you to track and test clicks on AdSense ads on your website, and provides tons useful stats to help increase Adsense earnings. For example, it tracks:

•  Unlimited domains with one install.
•  Ad impressions and clicks.
•  Background and border colors.
•  Ad text and link colors.
•  Ad types (leaderboard, rectangle, etc).


•  Referring servers (this is powerful!).
•  Target link of Adsense ad clicked.
•  Time of click in both local and Google time.
•  Updated earnings every 15 minutes.
 And more!

Bonus #5:
SearchFeast™ Clickbank "Viral" Search Engine

Earn Clickbank commissions from the people leaving your site!SearchFeast is a viral traffic search engine that displays an exit pop-up to the people who are leaving your site.

It presents them with a Clickbank search engine (many niche versions available) and automatically attaches your Clickbank ID to all Clickbank search results.If the visitor buys something from the search results, you earn the commission.

This is the perfect complement to ContextCASH as it optimizes your website for maximum sales!But it gets even better...

Featured links are displayed on the same page. At the top of every SearchFeast page is your own featured link.

You can add a link to one of your sites, or to an affiliate program you're a member of. This will give your site prime exposure.

But that's not the best part. You can even place your link on the pages of everyone you refer to SearchFeast, too. That's when it really gets viral. The traffic potential is awesome!

Here's the deal...

Even if you cancel within 60 days and receive a FULL refund you can keep all 5 bonuses.

The ClickAds Pro, Spinning PopUps, InfoGoGetter, AdSense Logger and SearchFeast are yours forever.

So you risk nothing and stand to gain a PILE of high value software completely FREE!

Claim your ContextCASH subscription for the low, low price of just $97 plus $37 a month and minutes from now you can transform every page of content on your website into a cash producing machine...

Click here to claim your subscription to ContextCASH now...

Yours sincerely,


Michel Fortin


Sylvie Charrier


P.S. You really must act right NOW if you want to be a ContextCASH subscriber and turn the content on your site into a steady flow of profits.

Let me tell you why...

At first, we weren't sure if other marketers would be interested in this software...

(In hindsight I wonder if we'd been smoking crack cocaine!)

We "tested the waters" by selling ContextCASH live on stage at some recent Internet marketing seminars.

The results blew us away!

The first time we offered it while speaking in Phoenix, Arizona...

"People Literally Threw (Yes, Threw!)
Their Credit Cards At Us On Stage - Even Before
We Had A Chance To Present The Offer!"

I'm not kidding! This is not an exaggeration.

The seminar was recorded and we have video evidence.

Was it just luck? Nope.

At another event in Los Angeles, we sold out within 7 short minutes following our presentation.

In fact, the stampede was so enormous, we were literally crushed from behind the tables in the back of the room.

Remember we can't run this system on a completely automated basis and there's a very real limit to the number of subscribers we can handle and provide customer support to.

Once our subscriber base is full your unique opportunity to turn your website content into steady streams of cash profits will be gone FOREVER...

We'd hate to see you to miss out...

Click here to claim your subscription to ContextCASH now...

Online marketers around the globe are "raving" about ContextCASH...

Stephen Davies said: "Michel, I've just previewed your new Context Cash program and was so blown away that I thought I was having a mental meltdown (I had to lie down afterwards). This has got to be the BIGGEST thing on the Internet since the Internet. I know this program is worth millions of dollars, but my only request is that you keep the price down low enough so that even us common folk can enjoy the wealth that this new program will surely create."

Ray Edwards said: "Just looked over the preview of Context Cash, and I must tell you, my first reaction was, 'Why did someone think of this before now?' It's genius. Probably the most exciting thing about it is how easy it will be to use outside the Internet Marketing niche to generate streams of cash. Great idea, and from what I see (it's a) VERY elegant implementation in the software.

Click here to claim your subscription to ContextCASH now...

Dirk Wagner said:
"Michel, wow! After reading your preview I have to say that your new program is exactly what marketers need in their hands to boost their affiliate commissions. You have thought about everything needed to change (web) content into a cash machine. I cannot wait to get my hands over this tool."

Mike Sigers said: "I'm headed to the pawn shop to sell all the other 'I-gotta-have-this' programs I've bought. This one will work on all 12 of our blogs! I gotta have it! How much is it gonna be... I've got to see how many to trade in ;-)"

Edward Han said: "Great stuff! I do hope that you will make it affordable for us to be a part of it. I do believe this is gonna be a big hit! And we do want a share before it exploded! Regards, Edward Han."

Click here to claim your subscription to ContextCASH now...

Bill Dillard said:
"A frequent reader of your blog, I noticed the new 'wedding' features a week or so ago — OUTSTANDING! With the challenges I now face, I MUST create a whole new online revenue generating business. (...) This looks to me like an incredible opportunity to leverage web sites, and blogs. I only hope the pricing will allow me to participate. I'm certain this will be HUGE!"

Ron Capps said: "Morning Michel, your new Context Cash program looks like a tremendous way to integrate additional revenues while sliding in under the 'in your face' radar. It should help all of us just rolling out our retirement plan sites to take things to the next level. I join Stephen in my hopes that this program launches at a level that is accessible to all."

Click here to claim your subscription to ContextCASH now...

And finally, Glenn Coleman said:
"Hi Michel, this was very exciting reading about ContextCash. I just spent four days creating a giant spreadsheet of all the highest paying keywords and products associated with them. This was a labor intensive process, looking up 500 keywords, one-by-one, and finding the highest paying products. And that was only for one niche. To know that your system will keep track of those highest paying keyword products and insert them automatically is brilliant.

"I just told my friend yesterday that I thought Google Ads where the most powerful marketing concept invented since the Internet was created. Today I told them that ContextCash is the greatest invention since Google Ads.

"I look forward to getting my hands on your software. Sidenote: One objection that came up in my mind when I thought about this software is that it would not be suitable for websites that are focused on selling one product (i.e., long copy websites). It would become a distraction in those instances. Just a thought...

"To your success (and all use buyers of your product too once we light up our websites), Glenn Coleman,

Click here to claim your subscription to ContextCASH now...