For Car Salesmen...Finally The Real Secret To Selling Cars Without Chasing Customers, Cold Calling Or Becoming An Annoying Pest...

How A 9 Year Old
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Than Any Other Man ALIVE*...

And how you can use his proven system to create a FLOOD of loyal, cashed up car buyers for yourself - all on auto pilot...

If you'd like to use the same simple, proven auto-pilot system of the greatest car salesman alive to create a FLOOD of eager clients into your lot or showroom buying an average of 3 cars EVERY DAY then this is the most important page you'll ever read. Here's why...

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FREE Report: How To Sell
72 Cars Every Month
From the desk of Mark Loeffler
Monday March 6th, 2006

Hi I'm Mark Loeffler - CEO of - and I'm thrilled about a new program I've put together that can help you sell more cars more easily than you ever dreamed was possible...

But before I explain this program let me tell you about the shoe shine boy from Detroit listed in the Guinness Book Of World Records for selling more cars than any other man in history...

*Joe Girard's amazing sales record of 13,001 car sales in 15 years was audited by Deloitte and Touche - one of the largest accounting firms in the world - and EVERY car sale was at retail...

There were no fleet, wholesale or used cars in those figures.

Joe Girard grew up in one of the roughest ghettos of Detroit and worked as a shoe-shine boy where he discovered one of the greatest sales secrets.

He learned that if you talk to more prospects and clients you'll get more sales.

Joe was smart and a hard worker - almost to the point of fanaticism.

But he wasn't always lucky and after a real estate business deal went bad one horrible day changed the course of his life forever.

For months he'd been out of work and one day his wife told him they had no food left in the house and his children were begging for something to eat.

So he talked a car dealer into letting him sell cars by promising to take a desk in a back room and make all his sales from cold telephone calls.

He sold a car the next day and borrowed ten bucks off his boss to buy groceries for his family.

Before long
he was selling more than enough cars
to make a living almost entirely
through cold calls...


But there's a limit to the hours you have in a day and making cold calls and trying to talk people into buying a car this way is excruciating, emotionally draining hard work.

Then Joe stumbled on one of the best kept secrets of selling cars.

He realized that the people who came and looked at cars and talked to him about buying a car often didn't buy straight away.

Often they didn't buy at all.

Sometimes they bought a car off another dealer.

Often one of their friends or their family would buy a car too.

Joe realized if he stayed in constant contact with everyone who walked onto his lot they'd come to him first when they were thinking of buying a car.

And the more people
he stayed in contact with the more people
would seek him out...

So Joe began sending greeting cards to every one of his clients.

If they bought a car from him they got a greeting card every month.

Then he started sending those greeting cards to every prospect who walked into his car yard.

Then everyone who called.

By the time he retired from selling cars Joe Girard was sending out an astonishing 13,000 greeting cards every month.

And every one of those months he'd average 72 car sales at retail...

Imagine the commission you'd pocket if you were selling 72 cars every month.

Now here's Joe Girard's biggest secret to selling cars...

You Don't Need To Be
A Great Salesman When You're
Sending Out
13,000 Greeting Cards Every Month!


Think about it.

A certain percentage of people who walk on to your car lot or your showroom floor are going to buy anyway - almost despite the salesman in some cases.

Joe Girard's greatest secret was not that he was a great salesman.

His greatest secret was having an automated system where he sent out 430 personalized greeting cards each and every day...

And out of those 430 some came in to buy a car.

Or they sent their friends and family.

Enough so that he sold nearly NINE HUNDRED cars a year or an average of around 3 cars every working DAY.

Do the math yourself.

Imagine 3,000 different people getting a friendly personalized greeting from you every week.

Do you think you'll be top of mind when they go to buy a car?

When their friends are in the market for a car who's the first person they'll think of recommending?

Who is going to be indelibly, repeatedly imprinted in their minds as the "go-to guy when you want a car?"

Even if you were
just sending out 300 cards a week
the extra business would be

With that many people flooding into your car yard or showroom a dog with a sales contract in its mouth could sell enough cars to make a fantastic income.

Imagine the money you could make with your skill and expertise in sales!...

But wait there's a problem with this system...

Up until now it was time consuming and expensive to send out cards every month to your prospects and clients.

Joe Girard had two full time assistants just writing cards for him.

Can you imagine the record keeping and the day to day writing of even just 50 greeting cards?

Inside a month you'd turn into a babbling madman...

Although You'd Be
a very RICH Babbling Madman!


But you don't have to go insane writing out cards...

With the aid of modern technology and our new service you can have a whole series of personalized cards sent to your clients and prospects on auto-pilot.

Joe Girard would have gone NUTS over this amazing system when he was selling cars.

There's no upper limit.

You can send out as many personalized cards as you like without lifting a finger.

You can have a whole range of color postcards arriving at your prospect's door carefully designed to create attention and keep you 'top of mind'.

Like these eye catching cards...

Car sales postcard marketing

car sales postcard marketing image

Each greeting card is designed with your own handwritten signature - it looks like you signed the card!

And each card is personalized with the name of your prospect or client.

Best of all you don't have to do a thing to send out these cards.

At client reach solutions we do it all for you!...

I've just scratched the surface of what's possible here.

To open your mind to the amazing potential of this greeting card system to revolutionize your car sales I have a special gift for you...

For a limited time I'm going to give you a FREE half hour consultation on how you can use greeting cards to sell more cars more easily than you ever thought was possible.

I'll reveal to you the insider secrets I've learned that can help you transform your car selling so you have a FLOOD of eager, cashed up clients lining up to buy cars from you just like Joe Girard did for 15 years.

I'll Explain To You Exactly
What You Need To Do To Set Up Your Own
Greeting Card System
On Auto-Pilot...


AND how to get the most from ANY greeting card campaign.

I could easily charge $250 for a consultation like this and if you made just ONE car sale from the secrets I share with you at $250 you'd be WAY ahead.

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I'd hate to see you miss out.

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Yours sincerely,
Mark Loeffler - CEO - Client Reach Solutions

P.S. Why beat your head against a brick wall selling cars the hard way when I'll share with you the secrets of getting a flood of ready to buy clients.

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