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Is Your Website Good Enough For This?

How To Split-Test
4 Copy Changes To Your Website
100% Guaranteed To
Increase Your Sales

Without Ever Knowing ANYTHING
About Writing Sales Copy
HTML Or Split-Testing Codes

A gun copywriter and a super-computer-geek are combining forces with a 100% guarantee to increase the response rate from YOUR website by installing the code, writing AND split-testing 4 separate copy changes for you...

Split testing geek

It shouldn't be
this easy to increase your cash
profits online but it is...
By Frank Bauer And Andrew Cavanagh

Split testing copy

You can stand back and let two proven experts in online marketing physically make the copywriting changes and set up the split-tests you need to crank up the sales from your online sales letter.

Best of all if you don't make back at least TWICE your tiny investment in increased sales it won't cost you a cent.*

Bringing in huge cash profits from your website has never been simpler or easier.

You know what it's like to have a sales page or an opt-in page that doesn't perform as well as it should...

It's killing you and it's killing your profits

You know if you split-test a few vital key changes to your copy you could double, triple, even get 4-10 times the sales or opt-ins you do now.

You think about what you could do with all that extra money and how it could just be one headline, one sentence or even just one word away.

But which word, which sentence and which headline should you change?

And what should you change them to?

How do you know exactly when to stick with one test that doesn't seem to be working and when to move on to the next test?

And how do you find the time to set up the split-testing code and keep track of it all?

Imagine how much easier your online business would be if there was a simple way to have a team of experts create and split-test those copy changes for you.

A professional team who will 100% guarantee
to increase your response rate...

split testing frank bauer
I'm Frank Bauer the "super-computer-geek" and my online sales exploded when I started working with online copywriter Andrew Cavanagh (samples).

I'm hoping you'll take this unique opportunity to split-test changes to your web site on auto pilot.
split testing andrew cavanagh

And I'm looking forward to seeing you experience the thrill of watching your online sales multiply in a few short weeks.

Let me give you a snapshot of just 4 changes we split test on the sales page at my site

It's important to note that before we did this series of split tests Andrew had rewritten the entire sales page so we were starting with professionally written copy.

If your sales copy is really average your results might be even more impressive than mine...

Split-test 1: We split test the prehead in the copy against no prehead.

The prehead increased response by 4.65%.  

Not earth shattering but those small, incremental changes mulitply on each other over time.

And we're just getting started...

Split-test 2:  We split test a new headline which increased the sales by 14.62%.

Most people know that a different headline can increase your sales dramatically but it takes a professional copywriter to create a powerful headline that works with your copy.

Copywriting pros spend years studying headlines from successful sales letters.

Split-test 3:
We split test a "pattern interruption" style prehead against my existing prehead.

A pattern interruption headline is a very short 3-6 word headline at the top of your sales page that stops the reader in his tracks and forces him to read on.

The new pattern interruption headline increased my sales by 12.78%.

So far just 3 small, well chosen changes had increased
the response of my sales letter
by a total of 32.05%

When you split test you might not get an increase in response from every test but then you don't have to because every now and then you'll hit a home run like we did on...

Split-test 4: This is where split testing gets really exciting.  We split test a different opening paragraph to the copy.

Andrew gave me just one sentence to change.

The results of this split-test were astonishing - increasing response by 97.72%!

Can you see how exciting split-testing copy changes on your site really is?

Just 4 split tests increased my sales by 129.77%.

And I've only told you a small part of this amazing story.

So far split testing Andrew's copy changes has increased the response from my sales page by 196.55%.

Can you imagine the profits you'd be making
right now if you
doubled or TRIPLED the sales
from your website?

This is your chance to ramp up your online sales with no risk and no work on your part.

Here's what we're going to do.

We're going to take your existing web site sales page and professional copywriter Andrew Cavanagh will come up with four different copy changes he thinks are most likely to increase the sales from your web site.

(We can use exactly the same process with your opt-in pages, membership sign up pages or your butterfly marketing pages.)

Then I'll put my split-testing code on the pages we're testing.

Pretty easy so far...

Then we'll split test those pages, using my highly sophisticated Add2it Go-To system to send a perfect representation of traffic to each page until we know which page is pulling better.

The first test could take anywhere from 4 days to 4 weeks depending on the amount of traffic and sales you're getting on your site.

That's test 1.

Then we'll make another change and test again and again for a total of 4 changes to your online copy.

You don't have to do a thing except sit back and watch your online conversion rise steadily or even skyrocket like mine did.

Best of all your results are 100% guaranteed

You have no risk.

If you qualify for this service we guarantee that when the 4 split tests are finished you'll have increased your sales by more than double the price you invest or you can claim a full refund.

*To qualify for this unheard of guarantee you must...

  • Have over $300 in weekly sales from your website...
  • Have a reasonably written piece of sales copy.  This is not a complete sales letter re-writing service...
  • Have good quality, consistent search engine, email, pay per click or affiliate traffic.  No junk traffic.

We will happily create and split-test copy changes for sales pages and opt-in forms that don't meet this criteria but the only guarantee we can give you is that the percentage response rate will go up if you maintain the same quality of traffic to your site.

Either way this service is a steal...

If you hired Andrew or any other professional copywriter to re-write your sales copy you would pay somewhere between $2,000 and $5,000 without any guarantee that it would increase your sales.

Your split-testing service
can be better than a re-write from a professional
copywriter because...

  • You'll get the changes to your copy most likely to increase your response...
  • You'll won't have to handle setting up any split testing.  It's all done for you by a professional computer programmer...
  • You'll know exactly which changes increased your response and which didn't so you'll be increasing your knowledge and insights into the prospects who come to your site...
  • If your site qualifies you'll have a guarantee that you'll make back at least twice your modest fee in increased sales...

And your unique split-testing copy service won't cost you $5,000 (even though it would be worth every cent at that price).

You won't even pay $3,000.

If you act now you can claim your package of 4 split-tested copy changes for just $1,995.

Why are we willing to give you a fantastic, guaranteed service for such a modest fee when we could easily charge 2-3 times the price?

The reason is simple.

We plan on recording and publishing all our split testing results as a special, high priced course which means a substantial income for us and great free exposure for your website.

Once we have enough case studies we'll double ore triple the price of this service or end it alltogether.

Also we only have so many hours in a day so the number of clients we can handle is very limited.

Just imagine...

In just a few weeks time
you could be doing TWICE the sales on your web site

Remember my web site sales have tripled since I started working with Andrew.

Think of what you could do with the extra income from that kind of sales increase.

Think of the increase in motivated affiliates as your response rate rises and their sales and commissions go up too.

But you must act now to make this a reality for you.

We'd hate to see you miss out on this fantastic opportunity to multiply the sales from your website.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Cavanagh copywriter

P.S. If your website doesn't qualify under our strict criteria you're still welcome to apply for this service.

We'll still guarantee that the response from your page will increase if you maintain the same quality traffic to your site.

And this is a basement bargain price for professionally writing, setting up and split-testing 4 copy changes to your site.

Act now while this astonishing offer is still available and start cashing in with more online sales in a few short weeks or even a few short days time...

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